Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Notice that I did not say "Happy 4th of July", because we don't celebrate  that, we celebrate our  Independence Day, that day the Declaration of Independence was announced to the public.  Of course we had fight for that independence and 7 years later we achieved it.

I think it is a liberal plot to get people to say "Happy 4th of July" instead of  "Happy Independence Day" because of the word independence.  You see it people say Happy Independence Day it will remind them that they are independent and that is one thing that liberals do not like at all.

An independent person is one who is free to pursue their own goals and visions, free from the bonds of other people.  Liberal don't want that, they feel that everyone is connected to everyone else.  By connected I mean chained.

You see liberals despise anything that empowers the individual.  Here are some examples:

- They do not like the 401(k) retirement plan.  This allows people to save for their retirement instead of depending on a government plan.  What most people don't understand is for longest time, retirement was a luxury, most people worked until they died.  Another thing is that the retirement age of 65 years was started in Germany back in the 1880's when the average life expectancy was 45 years!  Very few folks would live to see 65.

- They despise the private automobile for the simple reason it allows the individual to go from where they are to where they wish be on their own terms.  They go when they want to and where they want to.  When you drive somewhere, you are in control.  You decide.  This is what liberals hate, that you have control.  They would rather you ride the bus, that way you are dependent on the bus's schedule and you can only go where it goes.
   There few things more rewarding than getting in your car and just going.  The great American road trip is an American icon.

- They absolutely hate those parents who home school their children.  They don't care a lot for private schools either but at least they conform to a government standard.  Through their teachers unions, the liberals have turned public schools into nothing more than indoctrination factories where any sort of  independent thought is quickly crushed (this is especially true at the university level).  Liberals do not want critical thinkers because critical thinker are so good destroying liberal arguments.
   Another thing about home schooling, it strengthens the bond between parent and child and liberals will not tolerate any other loyalties besides themselves.

- They hate single family houses.  The single family house enforces the individual family unit and the  individual themselves.  The house is separate building, free from others unlike an apartment which is connected.  They would be happy if we all lived in apartments where we are connected (chained) to each other.

- They reserve their most intense hatred for personal firearms.  Mention gun ownership in front of most liberals and they will blow apart like Chernobyl.  As I write this, my pistol is resting in a thigh holster on my right leg.  I stated in a previous entry, you can not deal with me by force because my possession of my gun prevents it.  You see, liberals are very happy to use force to impose their will and views on other people.

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