Tuesday, January 13, 2015

You are a liberal!

You are a liberal.


I found this article back in December and I have been meaning comment on it for some time and since it has been over a year since I have updated my blog, I figured this is was good place to start.

  The author bemoans the fact the number of gun sales on Black Friday (2014) broke records.  He list several attributes about those who purchased guns, calling them old white guys who are afraid, uneducated and uncultured.
My response to the author (I will not mention his name here) is this:


You claim to hate violence and aggression, but will gladly support the use of force against those you deem necessary.

You claim to support freedom of speech and expression unless it is on topics you disagree with.

You claim to be free thinker but are incapable thinking for yourself.  You simply follow the heard.

You claim to be an intellectual but you struggle to make change without a calculator.

You whine about mankind’s activities on the environment not realizing that we take better care of the environment now than we ever have in human history.

You claim to be politically engaged but you cannot name your state senator, representative, congressman or senator.  You would in all likely fail the citizenship test that legal immigrants have to pass to become a citizen.

You have probably never read the constitution.

You claim to be tolerant but at heart you are a bigot toward anyone who disagrees with you.

You claim support freedom and prosperity for everyone but support polices that will result in oppression and poverty.  

You claim to be pro-choice EXCEPT for guns, schools, unions, what kind car you can drive and what kind of food you eat.

I have said it before and I say it again: liberals are some of the most intolerant people that you ever meet!