Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Red Dawn 2012 remake.

Red Dawn 2012 remake, my review.

When I first heard that Red Dawn was being remade back in 2009, I was excited.  It would be neat to see the Classic Cold War movie updated.  Due to to MGM's money problems, the movie was not released until 2012.  In the meantime, the original invaders were changed from China to North Korea.  This was done in order so that that film could be shown in China which is rapidly becoming the world's largest movie audience market (with 1.3 billion people, it's easy to why).
   The reason why China was to invade us was to collect on the debt that we own them (this makes no sense as only about 10% if the national debt is owned by foreign entities, the rest is owned by the American people).
   The film takes place in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Spokane Washington.  A west coast wide power failure paves the way for an airborne invasion. From this point, the movie goes down hill from here.
   An airborne invasion force would never use an urban environment as a drop zone, but they do in this movie.
   As in the original, a group of teens let by Chris Hemsworth (who at the time of filming was relatively unknown) hide out in the woods, train and start a resistance movement.  There are several plot holes that really detract from the movie.
   1.)  An airborne invasion force could not fly from North Korea to the Pacific Northwest with the planes shown in the film.
   2.)  As I mentioned before,  an airborne invasion force would never pick an urban area as a drop zone.  They would land outside the city, surround it then attack it from the ground.
  3.)  In one scene, a "FOOD DISTRIBUTION CENTER" is shown.  This implies that food is being rationed.  However, later on a few of the resistance fighters enter a open Subway fulled with people and clean it out of food.
   4.) The North Koreans were to have used some kind of EMP/cyber attack to cripple the US military.  They were to have own communication system which could be accessed by a portable computer that is kept in a case that resistance eventually captures.  HUH? this makes no sense to me what so ever.
  5.)   Chris Hemsworth's character is an active duty marine who is home on leave when the invasion takes place.  After the mission to capture the North Korean's computer, they return to their base of operations to celebrate.  After such a mission no marine would ever return to the base, this is basic small unit tactics.

There is one thing gave me the chuckles and made me proud to be living in Arizona:  In once scene we see a map of the US with the occupied zones in red.  California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah and Colorado are shown as 'occupied'.  Arizona is not.  Of course the Colorado river would be a substantial obstacle to any invasion from the west, once the bridges and dams were destroyed.  California, in my opinion, would gladly welcome communist invaders, as long at they kept the malls open.

Overall, ZERO out of 5 stars.  If Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hucherson (both relatively unknown at the time of filming) were not in it, this movie would have gone straight to DVD.

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